Memory Loss Screening

Memory Loss ScreeningConcerned about Memory Loss?

A short term memory test is any screening designed to measure an individual’s ability to store and retrieve information for a short period of time. These tests are most commonly used in medical settings to diagnose or determine the extent of memory dysfunction.


Elite Medical Center is specializing  in screening short-term memory processes. Elite Medical Center is participating in a FREE memory screening program ·conducted by the Stanford University School of Medicine in our Mountain View office. Dr. Inna Yaskin is teaching attending for physicians assistance program at Stanford University School of Medicine. Please inquire about our Conservatorship and Competency Evaluation services, order labs at discounted prices. Elite Medical Centers at Mountain View and San Jose are now offering hormone testing as part of our wellness and prevention programs.Call today to schedule your FREE memory screening: 650-318-3384.For more information please see:

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