Green Card Examination

Green Card Examination

Preparing for your USCIS Medical Exam:

What to Expect:
Typically, two visits are needed. During the first visit:

  • Review of Vaccination records
  • Medical Exam
  • TB skin test is administered
  • Additional blood tests/vaccinations required are communicated to you

During the follow up visit(s), results are reviewed and necessary steps taken to comply with USCIS requirements.
The form I693 is filled, signed by the Doctor and provided to you in a sealed envelope. Please do not open the seal.

Documentation Needed during first visit:

  1. USCIS form 693  (click on the link to download)
  2. Passport and or personal ID with photo
  3. Any Vaccination records
  4. Passport and or personal ID with photo
  5. Any Vaccination records

Exam Fees and what is covered:
Our exam Fee covers

  • USCIS Civil Surgeon Exam
  • Preparation of Form I-693.
  • Tuberculosis Skin Test administration.

Additional costs you may incur:

  • Blood Tests to provide evidence of vaccination or as required by USCIS guidelines.
  • Chest X-Ray may be needed, depending of results of tuberculosis skin test.
  • Additional Vaccinations necessary to meet CDC guidelines.

Elite Medical Center will collect your blood on location for the diagnostics and all of the required vaccinations are offered in our office.