Diabetes Management

bigstock-healthy-diet-and-body-weight-c-8615749Elite Medical of Mountain View, CA experienced dietitians, insulin educators & insulin pump trainers provide a comprehensive nutritionist review as well as help with insulin pump training and install of continuous glucose monitor.

A continuous glucose monitor system (CGMS) is an FDA-approved device that records blood sugar levels throughout the day and night. There are a number of technologies that are being tested but the only approved device: Medtronic’s MiniMed, can provide up to 288 glucose measurements every 24 hours. The system is used to measure an average blood sugar for up to 3 days, while the person with diabetes continues daily activities at home.

Current forms of insulin delivery used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus (diabetes) include syringes, pens, and insulin pumps. Technical advantages of insulin pump therapy, or continuous subcutaneous insulin delivery (CSII), include precise and flexible insulin dosing. In the context of intensive diabetes management, insulin pumps can facilitate improved long-term glycemic control and reduce the risk for diabetes complications, with improved lifestyle flexibility for patients and their families. Comprehensive patient education, carbohydrate counting, and frequent self-monitoring of blood glucose or continuous glucose monitoring are necessary components of successful insulin pump therapy.